10 Things To Do in New York City

10 Things To Do In New York

1.Gramercy Tavern: They have both a more casual, tavern style bar at the front of the restaurant, and a fancier dining experience at the back. I experienced the latter, which included a tasting menu. Let me tell you.. it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. My main dish was corn ravioli with blackberries.

2. Bryant Park Grill: The food was good at this park side grill, but the stunning greenery was even better. It’s a New York summer lunch experience that should not be missed. (You can probably skip it if you’re visiting during the colder months).

3. Cooper Hewitt Museum: This design museum is more fun, and less intensive than some of its counterparts. If you’re not usually a huge fan of modern or classic art, try this museum. The Cooper Hewitt has a lighter feel to it. I visited the colour exhibit they were showcasing this summer.

4. Dizzy’s Jazz Club: If you’re looking for a night out in New York that resembles those 90s romcoms, look no further than this jazz club. You’ll feel like you’re in Sleepless in Seattle with the beautiful views of New York City, and the amazing jazz band they feature (along with some tasty dessert!)

5. Inakaya NY: an authentic (I think?) Japanese experience. They serve you your sushi on a wooden plank, pour your sake from a big barrel, and make mochi in the middle of the restaurant. I tried cow tongue here and would not recommend the experience.

6. The Flatiron Room: a fun place to listen to jazz and try unique flights. It’s very long and narrow, and has storage for people to save their alcohol bottles for the next time they return.

7. The New Museum: very… interesting. Lots of thought-provoking art for the modern art lover! (more details on this in the Vlog to come)

8. The Tenement Museum: a must-see. They take you on a tour through tenement that was preserved from the early 1900s. It’s located on the Lower East Side, where many new immigrants settled in New York.

9. By Chloe: Yummy vegan restaurant. I had the vegan mac and cheese and a lemonade.

10. Rubirosa: delicious pizza spot in the heart of SoHo. Make sure to reserve as there’s always a line to get in!

*Note: I wrote these suggestions with a seasoned New York visitor in mind. If you’re a newbie to the city, I will be creating a different blog post on NYC essential spots (think: Bloomingdales, Rockefeller Center and The Plaza Hotel)!

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