Paris: My 5 Favourite Things To Do

This past Autumn I went to Paris for the first time. It wasn’t what I had expected (Me starring as Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina), but was definitely a beautiful experience nonetheless. 

Here were my 5 favourite experiences in Paris (keep in mind that I went in September, so the activities may be weather dependent): 

  1. Le Marais: I absolutely loved this part of Paris. It was my favourite! I loved it so much that I went back 3 times in the week I was there! It’s loaded with historic buildings, museums, cafes, restaurants & high-end shops! My favourite part about this place is the Jewish Quarter- it’s rich with history and the architecture is just so Parisian and gorgeous. My favourite street is called rue des Rosiers, where the (supposed) best place for Falafel: L’As du Falafel is found. I wasn’t able to try it out as I happened to be visiting during the holiest day of the Jewish calendar year, Yom Kippur. Needless to say, it was closed for business! We did end up at the place across the street, which had pretty good Israeli cuisine.


2. Jardin Du Luxembourg : a beautiful garden that you can have a picnic in!


3. Notre Dame: Although this isn’t a novel recommendation for an activity to do in La Cite D’amour, it is a must see! Pros: STUNNING architecture- you feel this haunting, gorgeous energy in a building filled with so much history Cons: LOTS of tourists (almost enough to keep one away)


4. Canal St. Martin: taking a walk down the canal and poking about in the shops was a really nice experience :) getting out of the city and into a little bit less of a touristy spot is also a welcome change. NOTE: Pictured below is actually The Seine, and not Canal St. Martin.


5. Eat Pastries!: This one is a pretty obvious one. Although I have to admit, the pastries weren’t as good as everyone said they’d be (basically equating them to little clouds of heaven with magic sparkles to top it off)l they were delicious, and part of the culture of the city. The bakery Hure, which was just down the street from the Notre Dame (on Rue d’Arcole) had divine raspberry filled croissants!